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  • Should I Get a Second Opinion?

    Should I Get a Second Opi...

    “What should I look for in a Neurosurgeon or Interventional Radiologist?” This is a common question many patients have as they are gaining more knowledge, and it is an answer people need to decide for themselves.

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  • Questions to Ask your Doctor BEFORE Surgery

    Questions to Ask your Doc...

    Thousands of Americans will undergo brain aneurysm/AVM/stroke surgery each year.  It's important to communicate your feelings, questions, and concerns with your doctor before having surgery. We encourage you to

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  • 16 in Sixteen

    16 in Sixteen

    PLEASE PLEDGE YOUR 16! We have all felt alone. That moment where we would give anything to know someone else who has walked the same path. That person who can give us the strength to make it to the other

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  • The World as We See it

    The World as We See it

    by: Kimberly Chapman - Brain Aneurysm Survivor Dear World, It happens time and time again, a voice echoes loudly within our heads reminding us we are not like you and the outside world views us as different or

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