In the past year, the Joe Niekro Foundation has supported programs that served over 10,000 people in countries across the world.
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  • Caregivers Around the Globe, Lois Sternat

    Caregivers Around the Glo...

    My daughter, Lindey, had two AVM ruptures. Her first was when she was 27 years old when we discovered her AVM on January 4, 2013. She walked out of the hospital and came home with us on February 7th, 2013. Lindey

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  • Little Warrior Survivor, Tanner Plummer

    Little Warrior Survivor, ...

    On March 8th, 2015 my 6 year old son, Tanner Plummer, suffered a ruptured AVM in the cerebellum while playing at home. He complained of a "bad" headache, became nauseous and said he was really dizzy. I immediately

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  • Qualifying for Disability Benefits After a Brain Aneurysm

    Qualifying for Disability...

    Brain aneurysms are one of the most difficult medical conditions to catch. Because most aren’t found until after they’ve ruptured, the majority of patients’ experience symptoms that can severely alter their

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  • Joe Niekro Foundation Announces New Appointments to  Board of Directors

    Joe Niekro Foundation Ann...

    Scottsdale, Arizona (December 22, 2016) – The Joe Niekro Foundation announces the election of respected nonprofit leaders from across the country to its Board of Directors. At The Joe Niekro Foundation™ Board of

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